Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

Starbucks is retarded...

But in honor of my new morning shifts causing me to have to be awake at a ridiculous time I want to pay homage to the one thing that sometimes forces me to go in there. It's the drink that takes me 4 hours to say.

The Tall Double Chocolate Chip Mocha Frappucino with Whipped Cream and Chocolate Syrup Please

(How many syllables is that?)

I hate you Starbucks, for creating something this delicious. Off to work, maybe I'll post when I get back.

Friday, July 25, 2008

What is this dude talking about?!>?!?!

the Maraud
Age: 21
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Zodiac Year: Tiger
Industry: Arts
Location: new york
About Me
i am able to punch flies in the face and kick dirt in their eyes. Boombastic cool and smooth like a frozen shamrock gliding and slicing across the face of you. although my drawings are tasty and delicious, i do indeed mean draws as in underwear... stay classy bloggy people.

check for more

Mike Vs. Naz Vol 1 (18+) *Update FIXED ( A The Dillon Original)

My roommates have a tendency to disagree occasionally.

Mike Vs. Naz Vol 1 (18+)

I promise there will be more in the future.


WHY???? did I take an 8AM-8PM shift at work today?!!!?!?!

Oh yeah. I'm broke. So most likely no updates until tonight, if that, most likely check back tomorrow for words on Black in America (disappointed at Part 2 and what I've seen of part 1), a fixed link to Mike vs. Naz. That news I hinted at earlier, and some funny stuff too. Why So Serious?

Leave some comments and feedback if you'd like. Sigh.... off to work.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nas on Colbert Report speaking on Sly Fox

I Love Inteligent Rappers.

CNN Black In America

I recorded it on my DVR but didn't get a chance to watch tonights episode, but I'm gonna catch up tommorow, and I'll say a few words on it. (As if y'all care.)

K.N.O.W. One

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Dilemma (more tales from the workplace)

The other day was exactly that, just another day. I woke up too late to make myself breakfast, clothes are strewn across my room, bank account has too little in it, subway car was way crowded, and at work I'm still "the new guy" even though I was there the two previous summers as an intern.

However it was there at work where this day would become unlike any other. That day I held fate in my hands, I would be forced to make decisions that would affect the entire city. The world even. The balance of the universe tilted on my shoulders and my actions would dictate whether we all survived or perished.

Now lets back up a bit. I'm at my post in the studio controlling the audio board and cameras (I would soon control destiny as well). We were pre-taping stories so we wouldn't have to do them live. Everything was going according to plan. Normal. Politics, transit, weather, children laughed and victims wept, all was as it should be.

And then IT came. The story that would rock the very foundation that society itself was built upon!

The story itself seemed harmless, it was a piece on how the mayor wanted to make college more affordable for New Yorkers. (He should have been concerning himself on the possible upcoming onslaught of devastation that quietly approached like a silent fart from the family dog). We begin to tape the story and also down the road of destruction with an empty tank of gas 4, 4 big gulps of soda, and no rest stops in sight.

It all happened in slow motion.
The Technical Director say action and cues for sound.
The Anchor introduced the story and reads from the teleprompter.
Graphics are brought up.
Footage of the Mayor at a press conference...

And at that moment I glanced up and saw it. Clear as crystal Meth...

"F*ck Yoga"

In a shot of what was supposed to be generic college students contained the most feared word in broadcast television on a t-shirt illustrating immense disdain for yoga. Only the version on screen didn't contain any clever punctuation. It was all there, unedited.

I was mesmerized by the image on screen and was left speechless, however I expected someone else in the control room to make up for my silence.

The story continued, and ended. I spun around astounded that I hadn't heard the TD yell cut, the producer yelling on the phone feverishly, or the anchor demanding answers.

They Hadn't seen it. I was the ONLY one.

I began to open my mouth, then I stopped. I held immense power in my hands. If I didn't tell them, the image would make air. And imagine the whirlwind that would cause. Youtube videos,F-yoga t-shirts everywhere, lawsuits, phone calls, firings, witch hunts, the Apocalypse even. And I wouldn't be to blame, I was the audio guy, my only concern was the sound. The camera person didn't realize, neither did the producer that selected it, the anchor, or director. Why would I have?

As I sat contemplating the destruction of civilization at my hands, and wondering which country I should take over first after society collapsed on itself, I didn't realize I was giggling.

The producer asked what was funny and in a paranoid panic I blurted out childishly: "Hehe, that T-shirt had the f-word on it."

DAMN! As I realized my error and saw my hopes for domination slip through my fingers, they saw their folly an retaped the piece.

You win this time world, next time I will have you.

Oh and

11 days until ROCK THE BELLS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am (as they say in da hood) getting SOOOO hyped for Rock The Bells' NY show on Aug 3. I GOT TICKETS, NA NA NA NA NA NAAAAAA. I just saw picks from the first show in Chicago and its amazing how many dope acts will be on one stage.,com_myblog/show,Photos-Rock-The-Bells-in-Chicago-by-Terrence-Jennings.html/Itemid,146/

NAS. TRIBE. METH&RED. MOS. DP. RAE&GHOST. K.I.T.H. RAKIM. DE LA . PHARCYDE. WALE. SANTOGOLD. and these are just the artists I care about. Can't wait for August 3....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

News and stuff

I've been trying to upload this video I finished the other day for a while now, and it is not cooperating, but i figured I can't leave y'all with nothing so here goes some hilarity.

Good advertising, (I'm not endorsing this product)


today had a meeting about a little side project I'm going to be embarking on, will definitely keep you updated on that. Okay I'm gone, this video better be done by the time I finish.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Awkwardness In the Real World

So in case you didn't know I graduated from college a few months ago and have been working at a news station in New York for the past few months. I've been doing my best to keep from attempting to initiate games of duck duck goose with Anchors, or telling interns they smell like kitty litter and to keep a generally professional demeanor. So i generally try to remain quiet, I make a few jokes here and there, I'm polite, you know. the perfect worker.
Now there's something you need to know about me. I am addicted to Ritz crackers. I will eat an entire box within a day if left unchecked. So, one day i decide to bring a roll of crackers to snack on throughout the day, and I put it in my book bag.
And in the middle of the day, I get a hankering for some Ritz,(that's right, I said hankering). I look into my bag, and I see my them at the bottom of the bag, package ripped, crumbs everywhere. So in frustration, I exclaimed...

"Damn Crackers."

and once the words escaped my mouth I froze. I looked around the studio I was sitting in and saw the faces of my coworkers and superiors, 3 of which were Caucasian, 1 who was African American. And they all had the same "you're not going to be working here next week look."

I immediately scrambled to retrieve the crackers to show them I'm not a racist. And I pull some crumbs up, and try to eat them as I exclaim "see I love crackers they're great."


I promptly excused myself to go wipe cracker crumbs of my face and get some water. I don't bring crackers to work anymore.


We got our first comment ever.

Its from anonymous and I quote: "This kid is gay."

Wow, thanks to all my readers. Keep the comments coming...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Quick Couple Updates before I go to work.

THIS JUST IN: BATMAN was still awesome. More at 11.

Comedy of the DAY: Trust Me, you want to see this.

The SuperFlyness of the Day:

Check the Sidebars for the Quotes to consider section. Today's is inspired by Heath Ledger's performance of the Joker.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

In Honor of The Dark Knight Opening Today/Tonight

A classic The Dillon Joint

and as a bonus

Catch Y'all after I see the flick. Da-nanananananana BATMAN!!!!!!!!

Edit: Update


Talking to K.N.O.W. ONE

K.nowledge N.eeds O.nly the W.illing

I kinda like the sound of that. More on that later.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wow, I'm a blogger now.

So I guess if I have a blog I SHOULD have something interesting and relevant to say so here goes..... ummm.....errrr.....(whistles).......

okay more on that later.

I hope everything I post after this will be more enthralling, or this blog is going to suck. Damn, I need to get some readers. To Facebook status it is!!!!

Check back soon for updates.