Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009

When Is okay to kick someone in the face?

The correct answer is anywhere after the :51 second mark.

Thanks to Sam-she-am for the link.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I just realized what makes me happy


What makes you happy?

and how do you make sure you never lose it?

If anybody has an answer for me, I got a cookie with their name on it.

Lt. Dan may not have 5 toes, But I Know 5 things.

1. I had a TV show in high school. A CABLE tv show. Bam in your face.
2. I may or may not own a Ninja Gi, My ninja-ness won't actually allow me to tell you.
3. I'll let my feet freeze before I would ever sleep in socks.
4. My first word was Taxi, being an infant in NYC will do that to you.
5. Used to have one of those little plastic cozy coupes toy cars as a kid, and I could still fit in one I would ride around NYC in it now. I promise.

Now Gimme 5 about you.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Artpad is cool

On the side of the page I have a section called soul drawings, where I put up a few sketches I did using This Artpad page . It's pretty cool. Check it out and let me see what drawings you made.

The video of your painting looks cooler in fast forward btw.

Upcoming Shows I will be attending

The Roots Present the Jam
on 4/1, 4/6, 4/21.

Every night Is a different brand new Experience.
check Highline Ballroom for information.

Afro-Punk & Bronx Underground Present:SMASH
Tuesday, March 31st 2009
@ The Studio
Webster Hall
125 E. 11th Street (between 3rd & 4th Ave.)

Hitting up the 9:30 Show Webster Hall Info

Blackstar (Mos Def & Talib Kweli)
May 30th

You don't want to be missing these shows, hit me up in the comments (or call if you got it) if you wanna roll.

I Don't Know A Lot about Me, But I know 5 things.

1. I've Never Smoked, cigarettes or anything else
2. Some days I forget to brush my teeth, those are usually the days I forget to go outside
3. Love going to see live music
4. Often just sit and watch the moon when I can.
5. I always laugh at the word duty. Always.

So gimme 5 about you.

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So yeah went on a ridiculously long break, get over it, I got stuff to do.