Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Brand New Day: Day 1

Tonight during my cab ride home I was thinking on all the things I had been doing to try and make a change in my life, and a thought snapped into my head. "What if I just do 1 New thing every day"

And in that simple moment birthed "Brand New Day." Every day I will attempt to make sure I do something I have never done before. It doesn't have to be some big grandiose gesture in fact I think in the beginning at least, small things are better. So to kick of My BND project I have done something I've wanted to do for a few weeks now, I've recorded myself performing some of my Poetry, big step for me, And the first step in a brand new day.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Best Part of the Interview: Rasheed Wallace yelling in the background.


I knew history would be made this week, We needed change and finally we will get it. Obama, McCain? Who cares.


There is a God, and he loves me. Finally my favorite NBA player and favorite team are 1 entity. AI is coming to Detroit. Sure we lose Chauncey Billups and McDyess but since I love Denver too I can't be mad. They needed a pure point guard and they got one, maybe he can help Melo out of the first round. But back to the point.


Finally after years of me trading him to the Pistons in my 2K season modes, Joe Dumars had listened to my advice. Iverson and Rasheed Wallace together? The Pistons will truly return to their bad boy days. The Pistons have a legitimate superstar who can score at will and has shown he can now play in a team setting. Offenses could barly keep up with RIP Hamilton, now they have to worry about the Answer speeding through the Motor City as well.

And even if it doesn't turn out since Iverson and Rasheed's contracts will expire at the end of the season this leaves the Pistons with money for the plethora of viable free agents in 2009 and 2010, if they don't resign. Joe Dumars is a genius, but it was my idea first.

I'm going to go pee my pants in excitment now.
And Remember if y'all mess up. Rasheed Wallace will eat you alive.