Thursday, August 28, 2008


A very Rough draft.

(I finally get to say this and mean it)
AY-YO look out for that mixtape droppin real soon. Or not.

The Diggers. One The Way Home From Jones Beach....

Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama Picks his new running mate...



I like this choice. Jersey Stand Up.

Greatest Website Ever

Or close to it,

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Q-Tip is Cool

El-Oh-el as they say in Spanish (means the oh the).

Oh yeah watch my video
"Obey Your Thirst".


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Throwback word of the Day: Da Bomb Diggity

As inspired by the post below.

Urban dictionary says: used to the describe the best of the best, most crazy awesome, exceeds expectations of what would be considered "DA Bomb." You can only call a small amount of people this before it loses its meaning.

So please use this word in your vocabulary today.

Solange Knowles is cool.

Not only do I like her new single "I decided" better than anything her sister has put out but this video has given me another reason to say Solange is da bomb diggity (throwback word of the day).

Some dude Rolls up on her Performance half way through and she's so chill about it.

I would let him stay for like a second then my security team would have drop kicked him in the neck.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Are you ready?????????

For Dill tha M.C.?!?!?!?!?!

Well you better be, cause the mixtape is dropping soon. (I've always wanted to say that.)

And as much as I may regret it I am taking suggestions for rap names in the comments section....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How to know you've been on the internet for way too long...

You do a google search for the word google.

Goodnight everyone.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tropic Thunder Guerilla Marketing

Alpa Chino- "Booty Sweat And Tears"

Check out rapper Alpa Chino's myspace page, where he advertises his energy drink, Booty Sweat, and energy bar, Bust-a-Nut.

I can't wait for this movie.

U-S-A! U-S-A!

Besides soccer, the only sport I'm really paying attention to is Olympic Basketball. They beat China in their 1st game 101-70 and
Team USA is trying to gain back the respect of the basketball world for America after losing in the last Olympics. With a Roster containing Melo, JKid, Mighty Dwighty(made that up myself), CP3, DWade and other of the NBA's mega stars can they get the gold? Here's other things I will be paying attention to as the games go on

- American pride forcing me to root for both Kobe and Lebron, even though every fiber in my body despises them. go usa.
- Finally getting to hear the NBA on NBC Music
again. If you're a real fan you know exactly what music I mean.
- Seeing referees even worse than NBA refs, at least they're not fixing games though.
- Celebrity Sightings such as: President Bush! and Henry Kissinger! Wow, cool.
- Team USA's ridiculously mean intimidating anthem.
If they come out to this song as their entrance music, I think other teams will just leave out of fear.
- Tayshaun Prince having a chance to get close enough to assassinate Lebron James and assure future Pistons dominance.

As soon as he sleeps, the Prince will be there...
- Hopefully a return to 30 Point wins and endless dunking on international players hopefully sparking military conflicts.

- DWade coming back from about 3000 injuries to bust @$$ in China. I don't even think he should be doing half the things he's doing out there.

- Expecting at least one of the USA team referring to medals as "bling".

Keep up the good work guys maybe one day you can earn the right to kiss the shoes of these Legends.

And if y'all mess up again. Rasheed Wallace will eat you alive.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Down with the King

50 years old, a damn shame. He will be missed. And now, my favorite of his stand up:

I Kissed a girl and I liked it...

Yeah, I kissed a girl too, so what the hell makes this Katy Perry so damn special.

Why does this person feel the need to make a song about it. Congratulating themselves like its some great accomplishment. I've kissed tons of girls, a few of them were even awake.

---------------------------------Apply Now-------------------------------------

So you kissed a girl, so what who cares about you and your stupid... huh?... what's that?..... She's a chick?..... and she did what?.....

Ok. That's kind cool.

8/3/08 Oh how the Bells did Rock UPDATED

UPDATED, now with 30% more Boobayay.

8:15 Alarm rings. Eyes open. The cold I caught isn't completely gone. Throat's sore nose is stuffed. Don't care. Load up on cough drops and nasal spray. Get dressed and by the time I'm done Mike is in the apartment waiting. Marcus and Naz still slumber. We kick in their doors waving some four fours, and they screamed Poppa don't hit me no more. Then we got Egg Mcmuffins and Hash Browns.

Greatest Thing on Earth

11:00 The ride over we spent discussing music of course, Mike and I go into our usual Jay-Z argument, and he exclaims he can never respect Jay-Z again, nonetheless be a fan. Arrive at Jones Beach way to early, I curse out Naz and Marcus in my head for making me be up this early. They thought we needed to be there early for some reason, as if the concert wasn't from 12:00PM-12AM. We wander around till they open the doors to the Outdoor theater. In my preparation that morning I had brought some leftover chicken from last night to eat during the day and put it in my bag. Upon getting out of the car I see bags aren't allowed and I leave it in the car, hopefully that won't cause problems later. I threaten some swans, make fun of the security guards, one of which punked out Naz for no reason. Hilarious.

12:00 Doors open allowing us to enter the venue, but not go to out seats. Just wander around for a while. There's booths with free stuff, At the end of the day my pockets contained: 2 water guns, 2 $5Burger King credit cards, Mix tape discs, flyer's, and a bunch of other crap. For the next 10 minutes we shoot each other with the water guns and hit bystanders. They should have gotten guns. Not my fault. We see WALE just walking around and absolutely no one else notices, we shout what up, he shouts what up back, then eats his $6 hot dog. He must be a rapper cause I couldn't afford that.

Fig 1: Wale (he's cool)

1:15PM WALE opens at the mini-stage. His set was def too short. Does Nike Boots, W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E., and a few other hits. Throws water to the crowd because it is ridiculously warm. Brings out Skyzoo, who does a few songs. STILL NO HACKSAW JIM DUGAN?! Nothing special.
Performance gets for disappointing length.

Here's a cypher from Wale and a few others.

2:00PM We leave the mini stage because besides Afrika Bambatta the rest of the upcoming acts we miss-able. And miss them we did. So back to the area behind the bleachers to waste time, we had more water gun fights, Mike played guitar hero at the booth, spotted some STJ peeps I still refused to buy anything because a water was $5 and a gallon of blood. And then it happened. Some cute girls in Burger King T-shirts conned us into following them (actually only one was cute, but she was so cute she made up for the other one) to the Burger King "Spit a Flame Broiled 16 (ACTUAL TITLE, I KID YOU NOT)Booth" Marcus the resident rapper is chosen to rep for us, and as we wait for him to flow, it hits me. I HAVE A CHANCE TO RAP IN A BURGER KING BOOTH. #7 on my list of things to do before I die. I select a beat sign up and let the rhymes loose when my turn comes, I believe among my lyrics are
Stab a fry guy in the eye/demand a Hershey pie/tell him if i had it my way Ronald McDonald would die.
I think Imma good bet to win the contest. 3 Out of 5 of the top 5 rappers of all time

2:30 KIDZ IN THE HALL. Main stage is opened we find our seats (not disappointed) just in time to catch one of my newer favorites groups grace the stage. And by grace the stage I mean, fumble with a broken Mac Laptop for 20 minutes. DJ Double 0 heroically steps onto stage days after leaving the hospital from a non-deserved beat down. But after the initial tech probs, the performance was lackluster, but driving down the block is my shit so it gets

3:30 It is Soooo hot, I break down and take out a loan so I can buy a Snapple iced tea, I finish it before I pay and keep the bottle. Always free refills at the water fountain. I hear someone shout F-the police and rush back to the stage.

4:00 Dead Prez. Always solid. Its always amazing to see white people sing along to lyrics about killing crackers, then again that's no where near as bad as black people ACTUALLY killing each other over rap lyrics so 1 for them 0 for us.

5:00 Immortal Technique. Not only does this performance get no hash browns, I'm going to pretend it never happened. And after a quick trip in the time machine...

5:00 DE LA SOUL. Now we're picking up, or so we thought. Instead of doing Oldie favorites like Me, Myself and I, or even the Redman aided Oooh, they do a bunch of their newer stuff. Which is still better than half of other rappers catalogues. They bring out DRES of Blacksheep who kills it. And if an entire crowd screaming Engine Engine number 9 wasn't enough, BIZ MARKIE emerges from backstage and I can bet that New Jersey could hear cries of OOOOOH BABY YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!

6:00 THE PHARCYDE. The first of many reunions that night. All that matters is I finally get to see the group that created the anthem I lived by most of my life perform "Passing Me By" live. So amazing. That song alone gets them

6:45 SUPERNATURAL. This dude was hosting the show but could easily be accused of stealing it. In the Illest freestyle I have ever heard, Live or recorded, this dude took any object the crowd gave him and incorporated it into his flow immediately.
Give That man some potatoes.

7:15 GHOSTFACE & RAEKWON. I did not want to see this. I wanted Wu-tang Clan. In a night with such unity and reuniouns galore. These dudes couldn't get it together and all don the stage at once. Sure they held the stage down (along with the 100 other people up there for no reason). But denying me the Mystery of Chessboxin or even CHEZ LA GHOST?!?!?!?
Boo. First performance I sat down on. However while I was sitting down I noticed Cute-Hip-Hop Girl for the first time. She was some chick who came alone and just sat listening to her headphones during the breaks, during the show she was up dancing and singing everyword. I thought I was in love. One thing that I am a sucker for, is a girl that knows her Hip-Hop. She gets some browns.

See if you can count how many people aren't contributing anything to the performance

7:50 Oh yeah I think someone passed out or died or something.

8:00PM MOS DEF. Always amazes and did so again tonight. So much about this man I can't say it all, but I will say he was joined by Talib Kweli and Pharoahe Monch. The show could have ended after this and I would have been happy.

"Yo I dunno Kwe..."

8:45 First sighting of Boombaye, a drunken drugged out African man who would stand and pose triumphantly for the crowd like Rocky on top of the stairwell. Oh and did I mention all he had on were some overalls and you could totally see his buttcrack.

9:00 REDMAN AND METHODMAN. Microphone Checka swingin sword lecture... These dudes nearly take the whole show. Guest appearances by DJ Kool (letmeclearmythroat!), EPMD, and Keith Murray were only icing. These two had the most high energy/fun set of the night, encouraging the crowd to yell F&%k Redman before I'll Be dat, Method Man literally walking on the crowd and the duo climbing on top of the giant speakers before announcing How High 2.

10:30 NAS. Nasir Jones had an amazing show set up before he pulled the Ace out of the deck. Live band. New hits off his #1 album. Countless Classics: He nearly performed all of Illmatic with the entire crowd knowing every word, The World is Yours, Hate Me now, One Mic, Hell he could have performed Oochie Wally and still killed. Then. Success came on, Jigga Came Out, and it was all over.

Somehow after Hov leaves he takes back the stage and Made You Look. Browns all around

Did I mention that Mike screames like a bridesmaid catching the flowers at a wedding when Jay and Nas took the stage? He did.

11:25 Any other concert and it would have been over. Boombayai was out of liquor, I was out of Halls and my throat was gone. And after informing someone who before this I would have called a friend of the Hov appearance, she basically told me to drop dead and that she disliked me somewhat. The guys and I argued about what it would take to Top what we just saw. Among the list was Obama spitting a freestyle, Rosario Dawson, Halle Berry, and Lauren London in a threesome, or $2 for a gallon of gas. Well we didn't get that, but it was good enough.

11:30 A TRIBE CALLED QUEST. Well first Q-tip aided by Might Mos performs a few of his old solo joints (Vibrant thing, breathe and stop) and some New jams. And while it was hot, we had just seen. So he leaves and comes back with more, Ali, Phife, and the stuff of Hip Hop Legend. For the first time in 11 years Tribe rocks in NY. Bonita Applebaum, Electric Relaxation, a Consequence guest appearance, Footprints, Lyrics to Go, Find A Way (almost made me go sing to Hip Hop Chick), Award Tour and countless other songs I've been singing for years. Then they played their Ace.
Scenario. Complete with Mr. Busta Rhymes.

Busta then performs put ya hands where my eyes can see.
The tribe closes out the show with Check the Rhyme.

The night was over but hip hop lives with no death in sight. As we were walking out a group of people behind us thanked me for entertaining them as if I were part of the show. I guess I got really into the concert at some points so sue me. They got their moneys worth. Also I couldn't talk for a day after. And the car smells like chicken. Mike's kinda mad.