Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Digger Freestyle Session Pt1

Archive footage from 2/3/09.

The Dillon, Coolist, Murda Mike and Wasi freestyle for about 2 hours nonstop. This is a portion of what Went down that day.

Go to the sites,

Cause these people are either smarter, cooler, more insightful, more talented, or more environmentally conscious than I am. But not funnier.

- For the ill sports/life analysis my boy Mike Benjamin

- Chronicling her trip to Africa is Court Hurt

- The roomy marcus, (maybe if people visit he'll update more)

- otha roomy Art Officiando his own originals and other stuff you should check for

- Childhood pal Grambo's crews' blog

- The 1 musical celebrity I legitimately know Mr. Jpatt's record label. Bottom line, they make ill music

- Dani D's plans for a cleaner world

- Hip-Hop Blog the homey Brandon contributes to

- Sudz & Carla's flygirl worldview

Unreleased Sketch Phone Call

Because it's taking me soooo long to finish this Robo Fuego 1.0 project I'm working on I figured I'd drop something I did that I never put up.

Frankly I think it's not really funny and therefore I neglected to post it. It was a good concept that never translated during production. So here goes Phone Call.