Wednesday, May 4, 2011

All the Dill Drawings Explained.

So a few weeks ago I was bored at work. I purchased some colored pencils. I started drawing. These are the results & explanations. 
Stegosaurus in a Hot air Balloon: Nothing special Here. It is what it is. 

The Museum Trip: That's supposed to be a Barney The Dinosaur skeleton.

Scuba Lunch: Peanut Butter & Jellyfish...

Rock Em Sock Em Robots Playing BattleShip

Dilex Watch: It's ____ Time

Tim Duncan's Donuts

Fortune Cookie Monster

Every Birth in 1993*: Doctor delivers baby singing Whoomp There it is.

The Awkward Moment When Eskimos Spot Seal

Rah Rah Like a Dungeon Dragon: Tribe Called Quest, scenario, dragon has nothing to say

Pooh Bear vs Yogi

Ms. Pacman Slept with Sonic & that's the baby

High Heels

What Came First

Home Improvement: The Other Side of the fence

GirlyousoExtra on twitter wanted a personal drawing

Gilligan & the skipper playing volleyall w/ castaway's Wilson

Hungry Hungry Hippos Decide what to eat

The potato heads have sex

Rudolph & the booty Destiny's Child members console Pluto

Dr. Doctor Doom.

A. C. Slater = Air Conditioning

Jolly Ranchers

Curious George Killed the Cat

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YuYme said...

LMAO... Your drawings are 100% awesome!